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At the end of a year we come up with resolutions to make the next year better. I know I do. Like you, I want to be more productive. I want to be better — work harder, get in better shape, keep clutter down. And each year I find myself struggling to maintain the resolutions. Maybe I’m working on the wrong things. Going through boxes in the cellar, I’ve found old notebook and notes from different time management and productivity training I’ve attended going back to 1989. Here are some of the things I found important then, that I’ll try to live by in 2020.

I will carefully weigh other people’s opinions

Do what you think is best for you. Put yourself first and don’t put stock in the opinions of those who don’t know you and don’t matter to you. That’s not to say you should ignore other opinions entirely. Do they know you? Do they have all the background? Are they doing the work you’re doing?

My past mistakes won’t rule me

The past is gone — don’t let it ruin your future. What you do now from this moment forward is what is important. Learn from your past certainly — but never let it control you.

I will make decisions and move forward

You’ll never move forward stuck where you are. Think about where you want to be and how to get there. Look at your options, weigh the evidence and do something. Do something. Even a wrong decision can move your forward and teach you something valuable.

Each day gives me a new start and a chance to choose again

Treat each day as a chance to do your best. Build upon the work you’ve done. But don’t get held back by what happened. Use each day to do better and work towards success.

I don’t need to be right all the time

You’re going to be wrong some of the time, so accept it! When you do, you’re opening yourself to learning new things and discovering new talents. You’ll find it less stressful as well. Don’t continue to defend a mistake — be honest and move on.

I will fix problems when they happen

Don’t run away from problems. Running away is a delaying tactic. Stop, take a breath, and face the problem. Fix it and communicate the change. Bring in others when you need help.

Less blame and more owning my own failures

Don’t make excuses. Don’t place blame elsewhere. Recognize that your failure is an opportunity to try again to succeed.

I won’t put my goals on hold

You can accept the status quo or go after your goals. There is no time like now to start moving forward. The best time to get that certificate in project management, that degree in marketing, or to learn home repair was ten years ago. The second best time is today. Don’t make it the elusive tomorrow.

I’m going to start celebrating the positives in my life

We often concentrate on the negatives and the failures more then we do the successes and positive outcomes. It’s easy to beat yourself up after stumbling. Start congratulating yourself for a change.

I will appreciate the Now

Life is made up of the small things build bigger things. Take the time to appreciate what you have in the present moment.

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